Chiara, 26

Female freelance

Illustrator based in Italy and Graphic Designer of a Gaming Software House for 5 years.

I love illustrating emotions and sensations of adults and children capturing the simplicity of the daily life.

The balcony is definitely my favorite place, the one I go out

to think about, to call, to get some air after a stressful day or to

watch sunsets and stars.

In Italy it is common to communicate through the balconies and windows with your neighborhood neighbors and it is reassuring to leave the curtains open to show what you are cooking for dinner, as if it were a large table.

Welcome to my balcony.

Artist on WalliApp:     Android      iOS

Happy to be part of the Walli Team!

Glad to make wallpapers for Walli app and each of you. 

My happy place.

Welcome to my happy place.

October 29, 2019

On Walli's board! 

August 26, 2019

Life on a balcony is born.