Chiara Belmonte


Illustrator based in Italy and Graphic Designer of a Gaming Software House for 6 years.

I love illustrating emotions and sensations of people capturing the semplicity of the daily life.

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The balcony is definitely my favorite place, the one I go out

to think about, to call, to get some air after a stressful day or to

watch sunsets and stars.

In Italy it is common to communicate through the balconies and 
windows with your neighborhood neighbors and it is
reassuring to leave the curtains open to show what you are cooking
for dinner, as if it were a large table.

Welcome to my balcony.


articles and posts about me
Chiara Belmonte recorded the balcony life of people with her beautiful paintings: her works tell the warm family interaction, the intimacy between the partners, the...
L'illustrazione ai tempi del Coronavirus.
Terza tappa del nostro viaggio che racconta come gli illustratori di tutto il mondo stanno affrontando il tema del Coronavirus.

Chiara Belmonte, a young illustrator who, with her Life on a Balcony series, becomes a witness of a particularly difficult period for all humanity.

This Italian-Illustrator is Sharing Her “Balcony-Life” Stories Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
#ADStayAtHome: the quarantine told by the illustrators
‘Life on a Balcony’ is a series of illustrations created by Chiara Belmonte that began well before quarantine but has gained new meaning during the current pandemic.
Italian illustrator Chiara Belmonte is the creator of @lifeonabalcony, sharing pieces that tell the stories of what life in self-isolation is like for those living in lockdown in Italy.
Half Square Meter of Happiness.
"For some days I have noticed a girl who comes out on her balcony at sunset. It is almost in front of mine..."

August 26, 2019
Life on a balcony is born.

Welcome to my happy place.
Excited to tell you stories, what my eyes
see and
my mind puts on drawing board.

May 12, 2020
Collaboration with

LIVE NOW! I am happy to show you my new collaboration with Ecstase! You will find one of my limited edition illustrations, made on the beautiful magnetic canvas that distinguishes this company!

November 13, 2019
On Walli's board!

Happy to be part of the Walli Team!
Glad to make wallpapers for Walli app
and each of you.