Every balcony has a story to tell.

You just need to know how to listen with your eyes.

Welcome to my balconies.

Only yours

If all the hearts of the world rained

down from the sky I would collect

the yours only.


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Happiness in a winter afternoon. 

After work

Go home in the evening and get lost in a

book with something to drink, between

a chat and the other with your dearest


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The essential.

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Nothing more than a more

orange night.

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Mood of a Sunday afternoon.


Welcome autumn.

Fav part

That part of the day.


Christmas is decorations, family, and

other things you are able to see out of

the balconies of everybody.

On July

Just a summer night.

Rain lover

Yes. I love this weather.

Take me with you

Where everything changes

Where the world doesn't touch me.


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Merry Christmas

from London!

Pleasant collaboration!

My illustration for digital postcard, soon

animated by the talented Lee Harding.

Merry Christmas from London!


Love your job

Loving one's work is the thing that

comes closest to happiness on earth.

(Rita Levi Montalcini)

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Just thinking

"Distance, which makes objects

look small to the outward

eye, makes them look big 

to the eye of thought."

(Arthur Schopenhauer )


Take any evening and put a terrace, a

piece of heaven and something to drink.

And it's magic right away.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Nice to meet you

Every balcony has a story to tell.

You just need to know how

to listen with your eyes.


How many baskets have you seen

passing between one balcony and



“The outside doesn't always

match the inside.”

(Rebekah Crane)

Look up

A great effort is needed to see what 

is under one's nose.

(George Orwell)


I usually hate stereotypes but "Sea and

Spaghetti" are the only ones granted.



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End of the year.

It is not in the stars to

hold our destiny but in ourselves.

(William Shakespeare)


Where there is love

there is family.


I like the sunsets full of light, those that

burst from some hidden corner of the

sky and crack the earth's axis are so


Those who remember you because you are alive.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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No words.

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Catching dreams

If you want something, all you

have to do is to take it.

Sea view.

A life with a sea view.

William Shakespeare

'O teach me how I should forget to think.'

Do not disturb

Let me free to love.

Comfort zone

Everyone has their own.


Heart or Brain?

No more noise

I don't need noise.