The power of illustration

How I love to give life to what I imagine! I was born a dreamer, I just can't stay in the here and now, I continuously fantasize about everything even when I look out the window. Maybe this too led me to live on illustrations, the idea of giving life to a world that doesn't exist except in your head is too stimulating.

It's a bit like having the illusion of being able to build a life from scratch according to your rules and in my case mainly made up of cozy vibes.

In fact, it's like being a child again and playing with all my little toys, when I was inventing stories and my imagination flew away. It's like I'm still a kid and I'm still playing.

But then Einstein said:


Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
(Albert Einstein)

Today I leave you with a window with a special view, to wish you a peaceful weekend full of sun and chocolate.

See you soon!

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My new blog column!

How I dreamed of starting a column like this! Finally I said to myself: And why not? Beyond illustration, play has always been a constant in my life and an activity that I have never been able to give up. From the classic board games or pocket puzzles to the historical videogames of my beloved Playstation 1, I have always played something and still there is no day in which I do not dedicate some time to my entertainment par excellence. Not only that, I consider it a necessary step for my creative process.

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