Mela Ambrosia





Such a sweet apple could only inspire me to do an equally sweet job.


February is the month of love and sweetness. The illustration I worked on tells the everyday life of people who love each other in every respect through balconies, windows, buildings and colors. From the loving couple playing in "apple time", to the love of a mother who plays with her child by sharing such a sweet apple, concluding everything with the sweetest love that exists. That of a grandmother for her grandson.

The sweetness of an apple that unites hearts.

The apple often geometrically resembles a heart, moreover the Ambrosia apple is the sweetest apple that exists. The message I tried to convey is precisely the combo of these two factors: love and sweetness.

This is my Grid x9 designed for Mela Ambrosia in February.

Thanks to Everyday for the sweet collaboration!

Here you can read the beautiful article written by Mela Ambrosia about my illustration.

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