How to recover VET on BNB Smart Chain

How to recover $VET on BNB Smart Chain

If you ended up in this article, you most likely wanted to remove your VET from the CEX (VERY WELL!) and send them to your VeChain private wallet, but you mistakenly selected the wrong sending chain (BNB Smart Chain).
Calm down, don't worry, fortunately there is the possibility of recovering your VET!

There are two paths that can be taken...or rather one (that you are going to use), the other...let's say still in the testing phase :p which I will show you only for educational purposes.
First road:

1) We need Trust Wallet, it is easily available in the various App Stores (iOS) and Play stores (Android).
2) Open the Trust app.
3) Click on: “I already have a wallet”.

4) Select: “BNB Smart Chain”.

5) In the field: "Secret Phrase" import the seed words of the VeChain wallet to which you have mistakenly sent the VETs on the BNB Smart Chain network.

6)Now go to “Add Tokens”.

7) In the search bar enter this address: "0x6FDcdfef7c496407cCb0cEC90f9C5Aaa1Cc8D888" (remove the quotes).

8)Perfect! You have added the VET token to your BNB Smart Chain trust wallet.
9) Now all that remains is to send the VET back to the CEX (Binance) BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) address. Attention make sure you have a few cents of BNB in the Trust Wallet to perform the transaction!
10) Once the VETs have arrived on the CEX, send them to your VeChain wallet, this time however by selecting the VeChain chain! Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum.

The second road is for informational and educational purposes only and is not yet practicable but provides for the possibility of not going through a CEX.
I will start again from point 9 because the other 8 points are the same as the first road.
9) Send your VET to a MetaMask wallet and add the BNB Smart Chain network.
10)Go to in the left window FROM select Binance Smart Chain and connect your MetaMask wallet, in the right window TO select VeChain and connect Sync2.

11) Once the two wallets are connected, you will be able to swap VETs from one chain to another, but this path is not currently available.

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